Jen Chaney writes an open letter to Hannah Horvath

Vulture TV columnist, Jen Chaney, penned a letter to Girls protagonist, Hannah Horvath.

Jeremy Morrow | Apr 18, 2017

Vulture TV columnist, Jen Chaney, penned a letter toGirls protagonist, Hannah Horvath.

The HBO hit series,Girls, is in its final season. Chaney has decided to write a letter of advice to main character, Hannah. Sheadmits that her advice to the characters are totally unsolicited, also admitted that she was in no position to give advice in general.

"I'm not sure why I thought it made sense to offer advice to you or your friends throughout the final season of Girls. Seriously, when have any of you ever taken the advice that's been given to you?" wrote Chaney. "And who am I to give advice to you anyway? I'm just an old(er) lady who doesn't live in Brooklyn, hates being naked, and has never taken cocaine or surfing lessons for the purposes of a writing assignment. Our worlds are pretty different. Plus, as you told Marnie during that disastrous trip to Poughkeepsie, none of us knows anything, and I am no exception."

Many viewers have decried the show for its depiction of careless characters that seem not to have true concerns and reflect the "first world problems" of modern Americans. Chaney forgave Hannah and her friends for the accusation.

"For six years, you and all of your friends have been told by countless critics, writers, and bloggers that you're self-involved, inconsiderate, coddled children" wrote Chaney. "Sometimes those comments were more than justified. Sometimes they were unnecessarily harsh and felt like a pile-on, especially considering there are lots of self-involved, inconsiderate, coddled man- and woman-babies on television. You and your friends became convenient targets, and I have no energy to throw darts at you anymore."