Research teams around the world race to develop COVID vaccine
Research teams around the world race to develop COVID vaccine
Private-public partnerships work on developing effective COVID-19 vaccine.
Climate change threatens world's oldest, tallest trees
Climate change threatens world's oldest, tallest trees
Approximately one-third of the world's old growth forests were lost between 1900 and 2015.
Ocean microplastics a growing concern
Ocean microplastics a growing concern
Trillions of microscopic pieces of plastic are filling the oceans.
Company pioneers plant-based plastic bottles
Company pioneers plant-based plastic bottles
New bottles made from corn, wheat and beets to replace plastic bottles starting in 2023.
NASA seeks volunteers for Mars isolation study
Laurel Kornfeld - May 21, 2020
Volunteers will help researchers observe the effects of isolation in tight quarters for the months-long trip to Mars.
Carbon capture is key to meeting climate goals
Laurel Kornfeld - May 21, 2020
Large-scale underground storage of carbon dioxide could help thwart the worst effects of global warming.
Global warming causing more powerful hurricanes
Staff - May 20, 2020
The number of hurricanes are increasing and global warming is to blame, say scientists.
Astronomers discover oldest disk galaxy hidden deep in the cosmos
Staff - May 20, 2020
New discovery of large disk galaxy hidden in shadows at the edge of the universe.
New evidence shows giant meteorite impacts formed parts of the moon's crust
adminx - May 11, 2020
The team noted that rock samples captured during the Apollo missions show remarkable variety in terms of geology.
Factory closings linked to 85% spike in U.S. opioid overdoses, says study
Rick Docksai - Apr 26, 2020
Researchers examined data on overdoses in 112 counties throughout industrial areas of the U.S. south and Midwest from 1999 to 2016.
NASA's moon mission on hold due to coronavirus
Rick Docksai - Apr 13, 2020
The hardware for the SLS and Orion are being placed in storage, so that work can resume once the virus threat has subsided.
Air pollution is down, due to Coronavirus
Rick Docksai - Apr 12, 2020
The overall effect represents the "largest-scale experiment ever" in what reducing industrial emissions could do for our planet.
This may be a slow year for wind energy
Rick Docksai - Apr 11, 2020
However, that growth may stall due to not enough transmission lines, the report also found.
Chinese hacking surges as Coronavirus pandemic unfolds
Rick Docksai - Apr 08, 2020
Many of the world's industries are slowing down amid the Coronavirus crisis, but some cybercriminals are not.
More U.S. coronavirus patients are recovering
Rick Docksai - Mar 29, 2020
Health officials have documented 15 known cases of patients successfully recuperating from the virus in the last few weeks.
Ancient algae offers clues about where plants came from
Rick Docksai - Mar 28, 2020
These prehistoric algae specimens exhibit many traits seen today in green seaweeds.
Europe stalls on developing energy storage
Rick Docksai - Mar 23, 2020
Energy storage systems store energy incoming from solar panels and other renewable-energy technologies.
Space Force Ensure U.S. Control of the 'High Ground,' Says Trump
Rick Docksai - Mar 18, 2020
Space Force is to be the sixth branch of the U.S. military. It will focus on protecting U.S. military satellites and other U.S.
Violent video games don't cause real-life violence, says APA
Sam Klein - Mar 15, 2020
The APA's latest statement calls for continuing study into the effects of video game violence, particularly its effects over time.
Coronavirus cuts into Coca-Cola Production
Rick Docksai - Mar 12, 2020
Coca-Cola said that it is taking precautionary measures with its China-based employees to reduce the threat of infections.
Vermont-based company building a rest stop for future flying cars
Rick Docksai - Mar 10, 2020
The company is calling the hypothetical cars electric air "taxis," and it envisions them using the station along with pilotless drone aircraft.
'Recycled' plastic is piling up in U.S. landfills
Rick Docksai - Mar 08, 2020
Recycling-industry leaders acknowledged that U.S. recycling capacity needs to rebuild.